Independent schools are not normally inspected by Ofsted, as state schools are. Instead, we are inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), which is appointed by the Department for Education.

This means their findings are independent and objective, set against the context of a large number of private schools in England.

Download our latest inspection report (2022) or see below for a summary of the ISI’s key findings for our Prep and Pre-Prep. You can also see the report for our Senior School.

Quality of education provided

Academic achievements

The quality of our students’ academic and other achievements is ‘excellent’. For their age, they achieve advanced levels of knowledge, skill and understanding across the curriculum. They are outstanding communicators, showing excellent study skills and high levels of ability when analysing and interpreting a wide range of sources. Their attitudes to learning are excellent.

Personal development

Our students display an outstanding respect for their own and other cultures. They value diversity greatly and show extremely high levels of self-understanding for their age. They are also highly socially aware and collaborate with others very effectively. They demonstrate a notably strong appreciation for the non-material aspects of life, coupled with a strong moral compass and a highly developed sense of responsibility for their behaviour, including towards others.

The required standards are all met.

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

Our students reflect deeply on philosophical issues, including a growing understanding of the teachings of other religions and faiths. Older students spoke openly of what spirituality means to them and how it translates to their work, such as poetry.

Their spiritual understanding is well-developed, because they are afforded many diverse opportunities to be calm and reflective.

The required standards are all met.

Welfare and health & safety of pupils

We safeguard and promote the welfare of students according to current statutory guidance:

  • We promote good behaviour
  • We prevent bullying, as far as reasonably practicable
  • We meet health and safety standards, including fire safety
  • We make provision for first aid
  • Students are properly supervised
  • We maintain admission and attendance registers
  • We take a strategic approach to risk assessment
  • We have a disability access plan in place

The required standards are all met.

Suitability of staff, supply staff and proprietors

We make the appropriate checks to ensure the suitability of staff, supply staff and proprietors.

The required standards are all met.

Premises and accommodation

Our premises are maintained to a standard in keeping with health and safety, while our acoustics and lighting are appropriate. Suitable outdoor space is provided for physical education and outdoor play. We also offer suitable facilities for the following:

  • Toilets
  • Changing
  • Showering
  • Medical and therapy needs

The required standards are all met.

Quality of leadership and management

Our leadership and management demonstrate good skills and knowledge, fulfilling their responsibilities effectively. They actively promote the wellbeing of all our students.

The required standards are all met.