On Tuesday 15 November, the Year 10 Graphics class visited the London Transport Museum and the Museum of Brands.  

The Transport Museum greatly deepened the students’ understanding of the history of the tube’s branding and advertisement throughout the years. They particularly enjoyed viewing the London Underground Posters, and analysing them for their key themes, as well as the use of the formal elements and design principles. The students also made small sketches of parts of the posters to record their visual observations. Later, the textile, font and map designs of the tube were investigated, and much inspiration gained for the pupils’ own projects.  

At the Museum of Brands, students explored the Time Tunnel: a tunnel full of packaging, posters, pictures, magazines, and all sorts of other example of design across the 20th and 21st centuries. This helped everyone to understand how design is impacted by changes to production, preferences, and the availability of technology. The students saw how the packaging and poster designs transitioned from detailed illustrations and darker colours to more vibrant colours in block sections, giving a more contemporary or clean look. During their workshop at the museum, students analysed the design of various products, such as a Mr Muscle cleaning spray; analysed the evolution of a particular brand; and created a “redesign” for a brand.