Habs Girls is a place where everyone can feel safe and happy. We make sure each student is known and valued as a unique individual,  empowering our young people to develop their own self-esteem, resilience and empathy. That way, they can flourish in all aspects of school life and the world beyond.

Still, we also know that, for whatever reason, sometimes they need a little extra support. Building strong and meaningful relationships between students, parents and staff is at the heart of our pastoral care. This means that whenever our young people have worries and concerns, they know we are here to help.

Whatever may be going on

Whatever your child may be feeling, we want them to know they can talk to us. We will always do our best to help.

The world in which our young people are growing up can be challenging, upsetting and exhausting, but we are here to listen and help them work through their struggles.

Their digital wellbeing is extremely important to us and as the online landscape evolves with AI, we are committed to educating and empowering them to flourish in an ever-changing world. Our vision for our students is for them to be engaged and impactful global citizens who understand their moral responsibility.

This starts with our school environment. We promote positive relationships within our school community, supporting students to develop empathy for others beyond our school. We also encourage all to find their voice, constructively challenging injustices they see in the world.

Wellbeing at Habs

Celebration and achievements

Your child can talk to us

Our buddy system

Individual needs



For any safeguarding concerns our Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Lucy Simson, Deputy Head (Pastoral). You can email her at: safeguarding@habsgirls.org.uk.

We are a Tooled Up Education School

Habs Girls and Habs Boys are partnered with Tooled Up Education, which provides a collection of online resources curated by one of the UK’s leading experts on parental engagement in children’s lives and learning, Dr Kathy Weston.

Dr Weston is passionate about bridging the gap between research and real-life parenting. This is why Tooled Up aims to provide holistic support to everyone in our school community, in all areas of family life. This gives all our families privileged access to a regularly updated digital library, full of evidence-based tips, simple activities, advice-packed videos and enlightening podcasts on all matters relating to parenting and family life.

As a ‘Tooled Up’ parent, you will feel more supported on your parenting journey. You can get evidence‐based tips which can help your child to thrive and reach their potential. You can also ask questions and get the answers you need, sourced from the highest quality research evidence.

Access to Tooled Up 

Lucy Simson

Deputy Head Pastoral
Girls Staff
Lucy Simson Deputy Head Pastoral

Lucy studied History and Management at the University of Cambridge before heading to UCL’s Institute of Education for an MA in History Education.

In her role as Deputy Head Pastoral, she focuses on enhancing our pastoral care – that means identifying pupil issues early on, and developing robust systems and strategies to deliver proactive care. Her vision is for outstanding pastoral care for all Habs children and young people, by placing the individual at the centre of all that we do and ensuring trust and partnership between the school and its students and parents.

Lucy has two young children and enjoys exploring nature with them. She has always been a keen athlete and enjoys running and swimming – but still finds time for reading. As a history teacher, she has a particular interest in the Tudors. She says her children have changed her life beyond recognition – teaching her about the joy of learning and exploring new things. She says she envies their unfettered imagination and creativity.

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Camilla Milsom

Assistant Head (Pastoral)
Girls Staff
Camilla Milsom Assistant Head (Pastoral)

Camilla read Drama and English at Brunel University and joined us in 2020 as Assistant Head (Pastoral) and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Her spare time is dedicated to live music, theatre, films, reading, Pilates and long walks.

Camilla says her grandad – ‘an absolute superhero’ – has always been an inspiration, even after he died a few years ago. He was kind, caring, highly ambitious, and had an excellent sense of humour. She says the way he faced challenges, in both his personal and professional life, have had a profound impact on who she is today. She has taken as a daily mantra what he would regularly say to her: “You learn something new every day; life is a journey, enjoy it, and keep learning.”

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