We offer all the advantages of a superb single-sex education, along with all the benefits of a fabulous co-educational campus.

Working closely with our girls’ Junior School and also our boys’ Senior School, we create opportunities for friendship and learning in a familiar, safe and supportive setting.

We are surrounded by wide-open spaces, including sports fields, play areas, our Forest School and Wildwood Den, plus other nature spaces just waiting to be explored.

Joining in Prep or Pre-Prep

Every day, we welcome over 300 day boys aged from four to eleven. There are two classes in each year, from Pre-Prep to Year 2, with three classes in each year, from Year 3 to Year 6.

Students join at 4+ (Reception) or 7+ (Year 3). If joining us in Reception, they will automatically move into Year 3, then into our Senior School after Year 6, with no need to sit the 11+ entrance exam.

Our approach

We think fun should be at the heart of education. So we bring a sense of awe and wonder to learning. We inspire curiosity, motivating boys to dig a little deeper, make connections and expand their horizons.

We develop well-rounded individuals who excel academically, while also sharing a passion for sport, music and the arts. Throughout, your son will be encouraged to challenge himself, pushing past his comfort zones and staying resilient if things do not always work out.

We prepare our students for lives and careers which will demand a strong moral compass, resilience, empathy, the ability to create solutions and to lead. We do this through our values and charity support, our assembly programme and form time, along with personal, social, health and economic education. With a strong pastoral care programme, we also discuss the importance of mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Added to this, we have a very positively worded Code of Conduct. We believe in personal responsibility, learning from our mistakes, and restorative justice. Habs boys recognise their place in society and understand they can have a profound impact on the world around them.

Our diverse community

Habs Boys is proud of the wide range of cultures, backgrounds and beliefs which our students represent. This is invaluable preparation for life and work in a diverse, globalised world.

We support our students to know themselves, and be themselves. We celebrate the contribution of everyone, across all races, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, religious beliefs, cultures, social strata and disabilities.

More than that, a group of students elected onto our Student Council by their peers represent their various views to the wider school.

Single-sex education

Boys-only classes allow our students to thrive in an environment free of gender expectations. Yet they also need to be able to work alongside, learn from and build relationships with girls. To help, we offer opportunities to enjoy time together:

  • In Reception to Year 2, students enjoy some shared playtimes and activities like joint musical workshops, Forest School trips, egg hunts and teddy bears’ picnics.
  • In Year 3 to Year 6, students enjoy some shared lunch and playtimes, plus activities like script-writing, maths workshops and the Planetarium. We also have a joint choir, Lunchtime Live performances and joint sports festivals.

The school day

  • 8am – Our playground is open and students are welcome to play under staff supervision.
  • 8.30am – Our doors open to welcome all students.
  • 3.30pm – The school day ends for our Reception to Year 2.
  • 4pm – The school day ends for students in Year 3 and above.
  • 5.30pm – Our after-school care service closes (this is available from Reception upwards, once your child has settled).

From Year 3 onwards, your child can travel to and from school using our extensive coach service, run jointly with Habs Girls.

Boys leave our Prep School with a toolkit of learning and thinking skills which will allow them to excel not only in the Senior School but also in life beyond Habs – at university, college and in the workplace.