We are Habs

We are Habs because of our students and staff, our campus location and our desire for progress. Our roots lie firmly in our philanthropic founding principles and, with our deep sense of purpose in our community, we want to attract and retain talent who want to make a meaningful difference to the world.

Life at Habs Boys is an adventure a thrilling opportunity for discovery and progress. We are always expanding our horizons, creating exciting new opportunities for our students and staff. Locally, nationally and globally. We have a reputation for outstanding results; we help our students prepare intellectually, emotionally, socially and technologically so they are ready to carve out the futures they want.

Students are encouraged to create lasting positive change throughout their lives, for the benefit of themselves, our society and the environment. We are deeply committed to our relationship with the world beyond our gates. We go out to meet that world, in the pursuit of learning and sharing. But we also bring it into our school. When our students leave Habs, they are ready for life in a globalised society. They have a sense of their place within in it, and their responsibility to it.

Who is a Habs student?

No two Habs students are the same, but their values and behaviours set them apart: they are ambitious, globally curious, tolerant and resilient, with a desire to improve themselves and the world. A Habs student is compassionate, kind and altruistic, someone you want to spend time with; they orchestrate compelling and influential conversations with their peers, teachers and the wider world. A Habs student will happily initiate change and influence events. They have a strong moral compass, are empathetic, enjoy life and are determined to make a difference in everything they try, always putting their community first ahead of themselves. They develop lasting friendships both within and outside of school. #ProfoundImpact

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of education

Our mission

Two leading schools on one co-education campus for highly ambitious and curious students; offering an outstanding education that is fun, exciting and intellectually challenging, developing independent, resilience and a moral compass to create positive change.

Our purpose

To empower young people to make a profound impact in the world.

Our values

We have four values that underpin our schools; Ambition, Curiosity, Courage and Community.

We are ambitious

We are bold and ambitious – for ourselves, for others and for the world. This is underpinned by our altruistic and philanthropic foundation, which drives our values and behaviours.

We expect everyone to give of their best, to stretch boundaries, and to challenge the status quo. We believe that ambition can be limitless. When combined with courage, curiosity and community, ambition can be a selfless and
powerful lever for change.

We are curious

We create and use every opportunity to engage with the world around us; we ask questions, challenge assumptions and express our ideas.

Alongside our academic interests and skills, we love to exercise our imaginations, creativity and spirituality. Our broad and carefully curated curriculum leads us into
experiences of awe and wonder – bringing a sense of magic and excitement to learning.

We are courageous

Exploring beyond our comfort zones enables us to become more self-aware, adventurous, resilient and independent.

We aim high, following our dreams but we cope well if we do not always succeed. We understand how to balance humility and boldness when speaking out on behalf of ourselves and others and we are unflinching problem-solvers, continually seeking to change the world for the better.

We are a community

Habs is one caring, respectful community on one fabulous campus.

Beyond our students and staff, this sense of collaborative togetherness extends to our families, alumni, partner schools, the Haberdashers’ Company and schools and even the world.

Our focus is on belonging, inclusivity and celebrating our differences. We are learning from and working with wider communities – locally, nationally and globally. We bring the world to our door, but we also step through that door into the wider world.

Our updated Habs Elstree Schools’ Profound Impact strategy was published in September 2022. We have six strategic aims (Learning, Caring, Exploring, Partnerships, Talent and Campus) that will ensure that Habs continues to lead education in the modern world to 2030 and beyond. You can read more here: