You do not need to study Physical Education at A Level to enjoy sport in Sixth Form. In fact, participation rates are exceptionally high.

So although you may be working really hard, we encourage you to give yourself a break and join in.

You can take part whether you are interested in competing at a high level, looking to have fun, socialise or care for your wellbeing.

There are plenty of leadership opportunities, such as organising and leading weekly clubs for younger students (including the Prep School). You can also coach in a particular sport.

Sport beyond the timetable

We have around 30 co-curricular sports on offer, taking place at lunchtimes, after school and at weekends. Wednesday afternoons are also given over to letting you choose from a range of mixed-age sport classes. These are provided by our own sizeable team of sports staff, supported by visiting specialists in particular sports.

We also offer all students the chance to represent Habs Boys at any level. You can get involved in internal franchise competitions, inter-house events, social activities and competitive fixtures with other local schools.

Our superb sports facilities

Our large campus gives us space for some excellent sporting facilities, including:

  • A sports hall
  • The senior gym
  • An indoor swimming pool
  • A fitness suite
  • A performance area
  • Nine outdoor tennis courts
  • Seven outdoor netball courts (joint with Habs Girls)
  • Six lacrosse pitches located at Habs Girls
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The benefits of sport

Interests and activities beyond the curriculum are hugely important. Aside from the simple pleasure of taking part, sports teach important soft skills.

Playing sport offers a vital extra dimension to life at school and beyond, helping to establish a lifelong pattern which brings improved health, fitness and friendships.

Sport also helps to build confidence and resilience. You will learn to value the importance of context-driven rules and safety codes, to minimise risk and compete in a non-aggressive way. You learn to cope responsibly with both success and failure, appreciating the importance of fair play.

You also develop skills in teamwork. Not only appreciating the contribution of others, but taking responsibility for your individual performances.


Habs Boys gets together with Habs Girls every Tuesday lunchtime for a fun run, although it is actually taken pretty seriously.

Called HabsDash, the run follows a 3.5km route around our school grounds. The run is open to all members of the Habs community, so it is your chance to show up your teachers and other staff.

Every week, we produce results sheets so you can track your progress. Perhaps you could build up to a half-marathon, or even a full one.