Our prep curriculum is ambitious and challenging, encouraging curiosity along with a sense of awe and wonder. We nurture a global perspective and a deep sense of responsibility for a world in which our students can expect to lead and succeed.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced, with no more emphasis on one subject than any other. Some school days might start with swimming, while others might begin with English or performing arts.

Even at prep level, teaching staff are specialists in a range of subjects, including PE, art, performing arts and languages.

Find out more about life in our Prep School.

How students learn

Our students enjoy learning actively and independently, with plenty of practical and problem-solving tasks involving fun, discussion and debate. From Reception onwards, your son will be assigned his own iPad. From Year 3, he can bring it home each night.

We provide the children with exciting, meaningful experiences in the classroom and beyond. In every subject area, students are encouraged to take risks, investigate and explore, helping them become lifelong learners.

As a school, we develop and nurture well-rounded individuals who excel academically, while also sharing a passion for sport, music and the arts. We expect them to throw themselves into all areas equally. At Habs, they become linguists, scientists, mathematicians, athletes, musicians, performers, technologists, historians and artists.

Plenty of extras

  • We arrange an exciting and rewarding programme of trips, visits, speakers and experience days.
  • Pre-Prep boys enjoy trips to the Christmas pantomime, the Roald Dahl Gallery, Knebworth House, St Paul’s Cathedral and Cuffley Camp (wilderness camp).
  • In Year 3, residential trips start with two nights away, building to three nights in Years 4 then four nights in Year 5 and 6.
  • Extra-curricular focus includes Sport, Music & Performance, Create & Construct and Think & Speak.
  • Just a few examples of our activities include chess, water polo, calligraphy, science, karate, cooking, quiz club and debating.
  • Older students enjoy lots of opportunities to develop leadership skills.

Parents as partners

Learning involves everyone. We know that students perform best when their school and their parents work in partnership. This is why we put so much focus on engaging with you as a parent:

  • You are welcome to come into our school to support the curriculum.
  • You are also warmly invited to help with Pre-Prep school outings.
  • You can follow what your son and his classmates are doing on our social media accounts.
  • Our curriculum sessions for parents detail our approaches to particular subject areas.
  • We also explain how you can best support your son at home.

Transition to Senior School

Moving up to Year 7 is an important moment, so we put a lot of thought into providing personalised support for each student. To make things smoother, our staff will carefully consider your child’s unique needs during the transition.

The intention is always that students move into Year 7 here at Habs, without needing to sit the 11+ if they have been with us through Prep School. Yet we know this will not be the right choice for a very small number of students. Closely monitoring each boy’s academic progress and emotional wellbeing lets us partner with parents, helping us all come to the right decision for your child.

Let’s think about why the Roman numeral system doesn’t have a zero.

Compare what happens when you put an unpeeled orange and a peeled orange into jugs of water.

How does the Fibonacci sequence pop up in nature?