Making a profound impact

Habs Boys and Habs Girls are two leading independent schools on a fabulous co-educational campus in Hertfordshire.

Offering a fun, exciting and intellectually challenging education. Leading to infinite possibilities and opportunities.

We nurture each student’s curiosity, courage and ambition to create positive change in a complex and fast-moving world.

Explore our world-class education for students aged 4 – 18.

How do we make a profound impact?

Habs family

Our ambitious ten-year strategic plan sees the schools unite under one shared vision for the first time; to provide single-sex education on a co-educational campus.

Habs Boys and Habs Girls share many things. Our founding principles of philanthropy and education. A 100-acre site on the outskirts of north London. A reputation for excellence, both inside and beyond the classroom. Plus a shared vision, mission and strategy for the future.


We believe education goes beyond exam results. It is about discovery and learning who you are. Our students have an instilled sense of:


Life at
Habs Boys

Our Prep School

We think fun should be at the heart of education. So we bring a sense of awe and wonder to learning, inspiring curiosity and motivating boys to dig a little deeper, make connections and expand their horizons.

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Our Senior School

Our students are bright and ambitious, and bring a sense of excitement and awe to learning. However, we want them to develop personally and emotionally, as well as intellectually.

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Our Sixth Form

During your time in Sixth Form, you will continue to develop your strong moral compass, resilience, empathy, and the ability to create solutions and to lead. This is the mark of a Habs Boys education.

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