Habs Boys is a place where students can feel safe and happy. But we also know that, for whatever reason, sometimes they need a little extra support.

We are here to help. After all, we understand that young people can often have worries and concerns. Your child may just need some caring reassurance, or we can advise about further intervention if needed.

We prepare students for all aspects of life; therefore, we place great importance on the social and emotional health and wellbeing of every student.

Whatever may be going on

Whatever your child may be feeling, we want them to know they can talk to us. We will always do our best to help. For example, sometimes young people struggle with worries such as:

  • Their self-esteem or emotional wellbeing
  • Problems with friendships or other relationships
  • Their schoolwork
  • Health problems for themselves or their loved ones
  • Family breakdowns
  • Major changes in family circumstances
  • Bereavements
  • Anything else that matters to them

Your child can talk to us

Young people spend a lot of their waking hours in school, making it a major part of their life. So please let your child know that when they are struggling, a good first step is to talk to someone.

They may feel able to talk to a member of staff they trust. We can be surprisingly flexible in helping to manage situations, providing support with how your child feels, and easing any pressure they may be under.

We have dedicated staff members responsible for pastoral care. Otherwise, you or your child can talk to:

  • Your child’s form tutor
  • Their Head of House or Deputy Head of House
  • Their Head of Section or Deputy Head of Section
  • The School Nursing Team or School Counsellor
  • Mrs C E Shooter (Deputy Head, Pastoral)

Our buddy system

If your child comes into our Senior School at Year 7, 9 or 12, they will be assigned a ‘buddy’. This buddy will help your child to settle in, showing them around school and our campus.

Your child will also attend buddy socials, meeting at break-time for soft drinks and cookies. All great ways to meet others in their houses and year group.

Buddies have been through the same experience themselves, and can help to support your child as they settle into life at Habs. Your child may also feel able to talk to their buddy about any worries they have.

Individual needs

We do our very best to make sure every child enjoys personal and academic success. This means working closely with parents and guardians to provide any support each child needs. In fact, all our staff are expected to familiarise themselves with each student’s needs, on a need-to-know basis.

Support can occur at various levels during school life. This might be through your child’s class teacher, phase leader, a subject teacher, an individual needs teacher or in smaller group sessions.

Students with known medical conditions are on a special medical register and the school nurse holds individual medical plans.

To help us assist your child, please let us know if any specific learning needs have been identified, whether they be sensory or physical, related to cognition or learning, social, emotional or mental health or communication and interaction needs.

If your child has an assessment report, it is really helpful if you can share this with our Individual Needs team, so we can put in place any recommendations and provide the most appropriate support for your child.

Find our individual needs policy via our policies page


Spirituality is important in many families. Habs Boys has Christian ethos but welcomes a rich diversity of faiths within its community.

We are fortunate that our pupils come from a diverse range of faith backgrounds. So whatever yours may be, please feel free to seek our support.

We make special provision for children who need to fast, or be absent from school for religious reasons. We also have a multi-faith room which all our children can use.

Our Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Mrs M Zahid, will be very happy to speak to you or your child about any questions you may have.


It can take a lot of courage for a young person to reach out and talk to somebody about their concerns. For one thing, they might be worried about other people finding out about their problem. So we respect that courage, just as we respect their wishes. Meaning we will only talk to other members of staff on a need-to-know basis, for example the Designated Safeguarding Lead. This would only ever be for your child’s ultimate benefit and we would discuss this with them first.

Please make sure your child knows that if something is bothering them, they can talk to us. No one wants them to struggle in silence.