Our purpose at Habs is to ensure that all our students are empowered to be able to make a profound impact in the world. We are an academically ambitious and inspirational school, who values the importance of developing the whole child to create a sense of belonging.

We believe in a culture of scholarship and intellectual curiosity, inspiring our students by demonstrating our love and passion for our subjects and passing this on in the classroom to ensure that our subject expertise is at the heart of every lesson.

We want to create a magical environment where we stretch and inspire our students, encouraging them to be curious and courageous. This curiosity enables students not just to excel in exams but also to develop an enduring love of learning. All of this is underpinned by a strong proactive and responsive pastoral care where our students feel safe, secure and happy and known as individuals.

We encourage our students to explore the richness of opportunities available outside of the classroom, allowing them to try new things and develop interests in a range of different areas. Our exciting and varied co-curricular programme and our partnership initiatives, gives our students opportunities for teamwork, responsibility and leadership. We want our students to build warm and positive relationships with all members of the Habs community, creating a strong sense of belonging where kindness and consideration for others is at the centre of our approach.

By enabling students to achieve their full potential; achieve the highest academic outcomes, to find their passions and grow as individuals, invest in our community, we are confident that will leave us ready to make their own profound impact in the world.

I would really encourage you to come and visit us here in Elstree, I look forward to meeting you soon.

Dr Hazel Bagworth-Mann

Meet our Headmistress and the Headmaster of the Boys School
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Meet our Headmistress and the Headmaster of the Boys School