We have developed an exceptional option for you to develop your academic abilities, all in tandem with your extended talents and ‘soft’ skills.

The Habs Diploma provides an important, unique extra dimension when applying to leading universities.

What is the Habs Diploma?

Developing important skills

The Habs Diploma has been carefully designed to develop skills which will be of enormous benefit at university and life, whether at work, socially or in other settings.

The diploma helps to embed a sense of intellectual curiosity, an enduring love of learning plus a wide range of the skills needed to flourish in an ever-changing world. It also helps to build a deep understanding and appreciation for other perspectives, backgrounds and cultures.

The Habs Diploma focuses on developing:

  • Knowledge and scholarship
  • Independence
  • Verbal self-expression skills
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Creativity
  • Global-mindedness
  • Cultural and social awareness
  • Diversity and inclusion

Components of the Habs Diploma

The programme includes the academic work done at A Level (minimum 3 A Levels required), along with:

  • An independent study project – explore an academic area beyond the exam curriculum
  • Subject enhancement – supporting university applications, while further developing your academic passions with the support of our expert subject staff
  • Elective courses – designed to equip you with modern-world skills and cultural capital, including beginner languages, coding, finance, business, leadership, theatre appreciation and many more
  • A varied speaker programme – featuring a mix of keynote speakers and fascinating discussions arranged through our academic societies
  • Community service – a choice of activities to help you make a profound impact in the world
  • Deepening your knowledge – the chance to discuss subjects with expert teachers and carry out your own further reading

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