On the evening of Wednesday 22 February, students studying A Level Spanish went to the Teatro Cervantes to see a production of Federico García Lorca’s play ‘La Casa de Bernada Alba’, which they study as part of their A Level course. To really immerse themselves in the Hispanic world, some students went to a tapas restaurant nearby the theatre for dinner beforehand, and eating cultural food such as patatas bravas and paella certainly made them excited to watch the play!

The play tells the story of the Alba family as they mourn the death of Bernarda’s husband. Her daughters’ freedoms are heavily restricted due to the tyrannical nature of their mother, and her fear of tarnishing the family’s reputation. The family wore all black outfits to convey the fact that they were in mourning, so it was extremely controversial when Adela, the youngest daughter, pranced around in a green dress, implying her determination to go against her mother’s commands and be free.

The play overall was an amazing experience, and students thoroughly enjoyed being in a Spanish speaking theatre and watching the play which they study, as it developed their understanding of the story, themes and characters.