This year, 3,137 students from 482  UK schools took part in the British Physics Olympiad. Proving ever-popular, the event has nearly doubled in the size from 1,616 students and 270 schools in 2020. 

Alongside a handful of overseas schools and a further 3,500 students from China, our Habs entrants yet again embraced the competition. 

About the Olympiad 

The Physics Olympiad challenges students’ knowledge, preparation and ability, allowing access for good students, while also providing stretch for the top young physicists in the country. 

Each question demands a different perspective, with fluency in recognising topics and linking ideas being key to developing students’ confidence and mastery. 

Students put to the test 

Lasting close to three hours, the British Olympiad Round 1 paper put our budding physicists through their paces, with both Habs Girls and Habs Boys sitting the exam.  

Once again, our students excelled, especially considering our physics cohort is smaller than usual this year, meaning fewer entries than before. Coupled with a 10% increase in national participants, it was an outstanding display.  

Medal winners aplenty 

Our students picked up medals across both schools. For Habs Girls,  Amarleen (U6 TD) claimed Gold, while Ananya (U6 TD) and Taisia (U6 KXO) claimed Silver, and Aaliyah (U6 JHB) scooped Bronze. 

For the boys, Aaryan (U6S1), James (U6C2) and Oliver (L6M2) all won Gold, with Silver awarded to Pranav (U6M2), Shivank (U6M2), Matthew (U6H1), Nadav (U6H2), Rohan (U6C1) and Sahrid (U6R1). 

Well done to all who took part and good luck in the next round.