We wish our wholehearted congratulations to our Upper Sixth on their glowing A Level results. It has been a genuine delight to work with this cohort of students and despite experiencing two national lockdowns and the vagaries of Centre Assessed Grades at GCSE, they have done themselves exceptionally proud indeed. We are indebted to all our staff for their unwavering support to our students through this unprecedented time in the history of education.  

 Full details of our 2022 results can be found on our Results and Destinations page under the Admissions tab, 52% of the grades awarded were A* and 85% A* to A and over at Habs Boys 52% of the grades awarded were A* and 86% A* to A. 

 It is important to remember that these grades are just one part of the educational journey at Habs and would not have been possible without the other academic and extensive co-curricular opportunities on the campus, creating relevant life skills and character development opportunities for all their students. 

We are particularly thrilled with the incredibly diverse range of destinations this year, echoing our strategy and embodying our school values of ambition, curiosity and courage. There are a few individual students that I wanted to celebrate to demonstrate our diversity of destinations: 

Two students have received offers to study overseas this year; including Anna Gittleson (A* A* A*), who takes up a place at the University of British Columbia studying Chemistry and Petronella H, who will be studying Geography at the University of Amsterdam.  

Mali Sheard (A*AA) has obtained an elusive place in Music Performance at The Royal Academy of Music. 

All 13 students holding Oxbridge offers were successful in meeting their required grades, including Henrietta Bolchover (A* A* A* A*, Engineering at Oxford),Talia Rubin (A* A* A* A*, French and Spanish at Cambridge) and Elena Cormican (A* A*A), who takes up a Choral Scholarship, whilst reading Geography at Cambridge. 

Katie Darbari (A* A* A*) and Maya Tricot (A* A*A) were selected for U20 England National Academy and go on to study Law at Bristol and Economics at Birmingham, respectively. Such prestigious representative honours were last awarded to Habs Girls students in 2017.  

At Habs great exam results are just the very beginning; our education prepares young people for fulfilment in a world that demands huge flexibility, creativity, resilience and critical thought. We look forward to keeping in touch with our students and watching them grow and develop through their chosen careers to have a profound and positive impact on society. Well done Class of 2022! 

 Over the coming weeks, the exam league tables will be published. In common with many other similar schools, we, alongside Habs Boys have made the decision to remove ourselves from this outdated ranking system. 

Our public examination results, as seen today, remain among the very best in the country. We strongly believe that the process of ranking schools on the basis of examination results is no longer relevant in today’s world. Assessing schools purely on the number of A* grades students receive creates an unhealthy culture of perfection and unnecessary stress for both our students and staff, thereby impeding the ability to take risks, embrace the fun of learning and innovative thinking. 

 Outstanding outcomes will of course remain a priority for us but at Habs great exam results are just the very beginning; our education prepares young people for fulfilment in a world that demands huge flexibility, creativity, resilience and critical thought. As a school, our purpose is to empower our young people to make a profound and positive impact on society. This requires personal adaptability and resilience, curiosity, genuine empathy and a sense of responsibility for the people and the world around them, none of which is driven, measured by, or reflected in league tables. Following our experiences of the global pandemic, we feel that now is the right time to move firmly beyond the label of exam factory and celebrate instead the incredible education that we provide, focusing on academic ambition, intellectual rigour above and beyond any exam specification and the development of character that is progressive, fun and kind.  


Mrs Rose Hardy,
Headmistress at Haberdashers’ Girls’ School