On Saturday 25 February, 95 students travelled to the Copperbox Arena to watch London Pulse Netball battle Manchester Thunder. It was a tense game which really encompassed the fast-paced and exciting nature of the sport. This was a great opportunity for us to see the game from a different perspective, with both high levels of umpiring and playing, helping us to question our own playing styles and look at the ways in which we could improve as a team. Our very own L6 student Mimi handed over the match ball to start of the match, which was a cause of much excitement for all for Habs Girls and Habs Boys.

It was also amazing to see Halimat Adio, who came to visit the school in November 2022 and run some netball sessions for us, in action! This enabled us to see that the drills we do in training, when applied to a match setting, make a world of difference to the impact a player has on the pitch. It was incredible to see the athleticism on display by all of the players and really inspired us to strive to become more like them in our future netball careers. On the back of this trip, our teams are now trying to implement zonal defence into our own games, as we saw how effective this can be at a high level of play. There were many valuable takeaways from this trip, but it was also an evening where the girls could bond with their fellow teammates over the sport that they love and have fun! It provided the perfect opportunity for us to learn from the best, whilst also socialising with our friends, which proved to be an invaluable and unforgettable experience.

Written by Alexandra – U6 Sports Captain