On Wednesday 16 March, L4 pupils took part in a rocket design and build workshop. This was part of British Science Week. In the morning, they all gathered in the lecture to listen to a special brief led by Miss Percy about NASA’s Launch Vehicle, knows as the Mars Rover, and it’s mission to Mars. Later she explained the project L4 would be experimenting, testing and crafting for and how to achieve the best results. L4 were put into set teams for the day and they soon began their journey on making durable, air resistant and crafty rocket!

Throughout the day, L4 were filling out booklets that given to them so they could achieve the prestigious Bronze Crest Award. These booklets would help them to craft their rocket along with helping them to understand the aerodynamics of the project. After paying close attention to the construction process of their rockets and recording the steps, they began their first testing stage where they would launch their rocket in the air to either test the distance travelled of the rocket or how long it could stay in the air.

After many tests of these aims, at Period 5, L4 proceeded to go into different rooms to finally see if all their hard work paid off. Their results were amazing! Many groups ended up having the rocket stay in the air for a large amount of time or even getting the maximum distance the rockets could have travelled.