On Tuesday 8 March, four students in Year 10 from our school took part in the St Helen’s Physics Tournament, where we were competing against 11 other schools.

There were three different activities which we took part in during the course of the day, such as an experiment, where we learnt to plan a practical and adapt our method. Other activities included an escape room, where we solved physics-based puzzles to escape the room and a calculations race, which helped us develop mathematical, teamwork and quick thinking skills. This was a challenging task but we were able to use our knowledge to win the race! Additionally, we received a talk from Dr Jess Wade, who talked to us about the possibilities Physics can provide in our career options.

This competition, which was also held on International Women’s Day, not only helped us develop many skills, but also encouraged more girls to take up A Level Physics.

We thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this tournament, as we were able to learn and use Physics in a fun way. We were also very proud to have won the Calculations Race! Overall, we had an exciting day, and were able to take away some amazing skills.


Written by Simi J, Thalia A-M, Bibi M and Arichana S.