Politics Society gathered for a talk led by Alysha Chandarana and Uma Tugnait about Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss.

Alysha Chandarana and Uma Tugnait started off by reviewing the now infamous video of Liz Truss, 19, as Leader of Oxford Liberal Democrats calling for the abolishment of the monarchy, leading to a discussion as to why she moved to the Conservative party, before moving on to compare Liz Truss with another prominent figure in British Politics, Margaret Thatcher.

A particularly memorable discussion point was the newly introduced cap on energy bills, and whether this is the right way forward, leading to fresh questions on whether students had trust in her to lead the nation.

The talk was immensely enriching and especially helpful for those of us studying politics for whom this talk provided greater depth and insight into recent government policies and figures which was expertly, yet entertainingly provided.


Suren Ramanakumar L6H2