Radhika (4 Aleph) has been awarded with the esteemed High Sheriff Personal Award for 2024, recognising her unwavering dedication towards charitable work. The award, presented by Liz Green, the former High Sheriff of Hertfordshire, marks a profound acknowledgment of Radhika’s impactful contributions to her community.

Each year, the High Sheriff Awards serve to honour individuals and organisations that have made remarkable efforts to enrich the lives of those around them. This year’s ceremony spotlighted the efforts of voluntary groups and charities within Hertfordshire, particularly those aligned with the High Sheriff’s thematic focus on ‘reading, writing, and rehabilitation’.

In a beautiful awards ceremony with distinguished Lords, Mayors and Ladies, the High Sheriff gave six personal awards to incredible people in the community who have made a difference through their charitable work. Notably, Radhika stands out as the youngest recipient ever, celebrated for being “a shining example of how to tackle loneliness and isolation through reading”.

Radhika is also member of Silver Stories, an amazing charity that connects young readers known as silver readers with older people who share a joint love for stories. Radhika started reading for Silver Stories when she was six years old and has been continuously reading for over three years. During this time, she has read over 1,900 pages; equivalent to over 80 hours of reading time. She reads weekly to 75-year-old Mr Michael and fortnightly to 80-year-old Margaret. Radhika has inspired many other girls in the school to start reading with Silver Stories and has gone above and beyond to create and everlasting bond with her Silver Listeners.

The heartfelt appreciation extended by the High Sheriff and interaction shared with Radhika underscores the profound impact of her efforts. All the members of the Hertfordshire Lieutenancy and Shrievalty, including the Lord-Lieutenant and past High Sheriffs also discussed Radhika’s work and congratulated her efforts and achievements.

Radhika’s excellent manner during the awards ceremony, marked by her engagement with other awardees, underscores her commitment to effecting positive change. Radhika courageously engaged with prominent people there, asked wonderful questions to other awardees and came away with an even stronger sense of purpose for making a difference to the community around her. Well done, Radhika, this is a fantastic achievement and undoubtedly well-deserved.