In March, a number of Girls’ School students performed at the Independent Schools Gymnastics Competition. Appearing in the National rounds, the competition was of an incredibly high standard. 

Our Under-13’s team was made up of Lottie (L4 Ansuz), Zoe (U4 Ansuz), Sky (L4 A), Annika (U4 Aleph) and Jessie (U4A). Placing eighth overall, the girls also scooped the Endeavour Trophy. The award is handed out to the team making the biggest improvement in their scores since the previous year’s contest.  

More great results
Meanwhile, our Under-10s came third in group sequence and fourth in the team event. Sienna (5 Aleph) finished 8th, less than a single mark shy of an individual medal. 

For our Under-9s, good things came in threes. Coming third overall, they finished third in group sequence and third again in the team event. Miranda (4 Aesc) and Alayna (4 Aesc) from the team both came sixth individually, while Shaylee (4 Aleph) placed fourth.

Elsewhere in the contest, our Over-13s finished fifth in group sequence and repeated the trick in the team event. That just left our Under-15s,  who also came fifth in group sequence while sealing seventh place in the team event.