Year 4 wowed the audience this week with their performances of the musical comedy Rock Bottom. A play full of stone-age songs and prehistoric puns, they had everyone in fits of laughter throughout! This was their first proper experience of leading a Junior School production and they rose to the task in true Habs fashion. They have remained focused and enthusiastic throughout and we had some fantastic feedback:

  • The play was fantastic! It was lively and humorous.
  • The play was so exciting and has been an great experience for everyone!
  • Great clothes and extremely hilarious.

The costumes were also an exciting new project, with Mrs Galvin commenting: “This has been the most unusual production as far as costumes are concerned. Every single costume had to be made from scratch! It was challenging to have nine different animal prints in similar styles as it made it tricky
to remember who was who! But the most fun to make – without doubt it was Dyson the mammoth!”

The set, masterminded by Miss Galvin and assisted by a team of enthusiastic Junior School staff helpers, was bold, vibrant and wacky – perfect for this wonderfully quirky show! It really was a joyful performance which ended with a great message for Year 4 to take away from the character Bobby Cobblestone: “I’m no genius, I’ve just learned from some great teachers. Like how you need friends, how you need to believe in yourself. How you shouldn’t be blue, just always keep trying and never give up! That’s the secret to success!”