2 short plays, brought to you by a collaborative ensemble cast and musicians, exploring two stories; Brainstorm and All the Things I Never Said.

Brainstorm, a unique theatrical investigation into how teenagers’ brains work and why they are designed by evolution to be as they are. The story dove into the adolescent brain and drew directly on personal experiences, in collaboration with neuroscientists Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore and Dr Kate Mills.

Students gave a joyous and honest portrayal of the most frustrating, chaotic and exhilarating changes that will ever happen to us.

“Have you ever thought about what happens to all the things you never say -where they go?” All the things I never said, explores how young people navigate friendships, relationships and themselves – a playful, surreal and imaginative kaleidoscope of stories about trying to find the right words.

The production allowed audiences to consider open and honest conversations, discussing experiences that have shaped the lives of the cast.
Mr R Weinman Head of Performance Drama added “Two shows that put the genuine voices of the young performers and the process of making work, at their heart- fiercely honest, creative and playful. It is exciting to see work created by young companies with such energy, authenticity and relevance to now”
Well done to all involved in both productions!

Middle School Brainstorm Production

​​​​​​​Middle School All The Things I Never Said Production