We are thrilled with another excellent year of A Level results. At Habs Girls, 34% of the grades awarded were A* and 74% A* to A and Habs Boys, 48% of the grades awarded were A* and 81% A* to A.

We congratulate our Upper Sixth on their hard work and dedication to achieve these incredible A Level results, despite experiencing two national lockdowns and the vagaries of Teacher Assessed Grades at GCSE. Thanks must also go to our staff for their continued level of ambition in expected outcomes, providing both encouragement and support to our students.

It has been a busy year at Habs. We have pushed forward with our ten-year strategy; the introduction of co-educational classes in the Sixth Form last September has been received very positively by both students and parents and this year the entire Sixth Form cohort will be studying a minimum of one A Level in mixed gender classes across at both schools.

From September, we welcome a new leadership structure, testament to our desire to further progress the implementation of the ten-year strategic development plan. Mr Gus Lock, has been promoted to Executive Principal responsible for Habs Boys and Habs Girls. He is supported by newly promoted Mr Robert Sykes, Head of Habs Boys and we look forward to welcoming our Head of Habs Girls, Dr Hazel Bagworth-Mann, joining us from NLCS.

Whilst we made the decision last year to no longer feature in the exam league tables, our public examination results, as seen today, remain among the very best in the country. Outstanding outcomes remain a priority at Habs; our focus is on academic ambition, intellectual rigour above and beyond any exam specification and the development of character that is progressive, fun and kind. This can be seen by some of the outstanding outcomes this year.

These exam results are just the beginning and just one part of a Habs education. It is encouraging to see the impact our other academic and extensive co-curricular opportunities on the campus have had on building character traits and creating relevant life skills, ready for the next part of our students’ journey.

Our purpose is to empower young people to make a profound impact in the world. We are pleased to see that this is reflected positively in the diverse and varied range of subjects and destinations our students have chosen at prestigious universities from British Columbia and Toronto to Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Bristol and Imperial.

We look forward to following our students’ journeys, watching them grow and develop through their chosen careers to have a profound impact in the world.