The Art department had a bustling week of visiting Artists conducting exciting workshops and sharing skills across all year groups.

On Monday 9 February were joined by the incredible Paul Brandford who demonstrated a fearless approach to large scale portraiture and encouraged the participants to take creative risks! Tuesday bought Paul Regan who explored the idea of inspiration. He asked the student artists to delve into their camera reels and develop images through a variety of processes into a large scale painting.

On Wednesday the brilliant Jeanette Barnes dived into urban landscape drawings. She challenge participants to work with energy and movement to explore building and architecture in a new light. On Thursday Lucy Brown ignited a passion for pencils! Her highly detailed and imaginative colour pencil portraits and compositions inspired our young artists to bring personality and fun to their own animal portraits. Friday brought Wendy Jacob a brilliant still life painter to the department. Her sessions explored composition and colour using gouache paint. Student artists had the opportunity to paint using her style and technique creating fantastic outcomes.

We were also fortunate enough to offer a Saturday special event bringing back Paul Brandford, Jeanette Barnes, Lucy Brown and our own super ceramicist Sarah Deamer. Student artists arrived for a day of workshops having the chance to work more closely with the visiting artists and gain further skills  and knowledge from their tuition. The work they produced was exceptional, and even more importantly it was a day of inspiration and fun, something we all needed!