Our future generations will inherit the decisions we make today as a society. So who better to debate them than young people?

In early September, Upper Sixth students from Habs Elstree School took part in the Autumn Session of The European Youth Parliament UK (EYPUK). Held at Liverpool Hope University, the theme was ‘Empower’, encouraging young people to take a lead in issues that will shape the future of Europe.

EYPUK is an independent, non-partisan charity that engages young people politically in the UK and Europe. Offering a platform to express their opinions, the event helps them to build new skills, confidence and friendships.

It all happens through a yearly debating competition with regional and national rounds. Run by young people, for young people, EYPUK just part of the wider European Youth Parliament, the continent’s largest political youth organisation.

Our Upper Sixth students – Aniruddh (U6S2), Aparna (U6 TD), Aryan (U6R2), Avi (U6J2), Dylan (U6H2), Mimifunoluwa (U6 CW), Manav (U6S2), Raahan (U6 H1) and Sienna (U6 KXO) – took part in four days of team-building, committee work and general assembly debating.

Exploring issues such the conflict in Ukraine and how much AI should be used in healthcare, there were fun evening events too, such as a Euroconcert and quiz. Not to mention Eurovillage, with each group bringing food from a different European country.

Many new friends were made with students from the other thirteen schools and colleges, spanning the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland. We were especially delighted to meet a team from Haberdashers’ Schools Monmouth, competing in their first National Forum of EYPUK.

Even better, our team was selected by the jury to represent EYPUK abroad, at a future event in Europe. It’s a wonderful achievement, so our warmest congratulations to our students and head coach, Mrs Wilding.