Written by Miranda (L6 GAM) 

On 14 December, a group of us Lower 6 girls flew out to Jay Peak Resort, Vermont (USA). There, we would ski our little hearts out, on a trip planned by the lovely Mrs Barrett Walsh.

Although we spent seven hours flying over land and sea, and a subsequent four hours cruising through other states in a coach, it was definitely worth it as soon as we got to the resort. Even the -7°C weather could not cool our enthusiasm.

Snowballs and scenery 

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect, but after a long nap, we got our boots, skis, boards and helmets and assembled into our groups, ready to go out to the slopes. By the way, thank you everyone for accommodating my “professional” snowboarding skills. 

Once on the slopes, we shuffled into our groups and headed up the mountain. I cannot possibly do justice in describing the serene beauty of the slopes at the US-Canadian border. The snow was a gorgeous powder, ringed by glades of evergreens, and I just never wanted to leave. It was even perfect for a couple of snowball fights. 

Five days of fun 

We skied and snowboarded for five days, but the evenings put a special touch on what was already shaping out to be a great trip. We visited the resort’s waterpark (complete with hot tubs), then the ice rink to go skating (my favourite), before chilling out in the resort cinema where everybody sung along to Pitch Perfect (obviously). We also enjoyed the tuck from the convenience store. Though in case any parents are reading this: we totally bought fruit and veg.  Not only did I make friends with many students I had not previously talked to, but also got to know my teachers better, which came in handy after a few mishaps and trips to the hospital. (Everybody is fine, they did brilliantly I promise.) 


All ups, no downs 

I can honestly say I miss this trip so much. I knew I would, as soon as I stepped foot back in rainy, cold and cloudy England. I even miss the strange American accents I would hear. However, I still wear my pink ski trip hoodie as a reminder of my time on this fantastic trip – also because it is so comfy, while matching with the faculty was another highlight. 



It was also good to hear Mr Sabato speak so highly of our time at Jay Peak. “Ski trips are a really special part of school life,” he commented. “Watching students progress from beginners, having never put on a pair of skis in their lives, to getting down a mountain in five days, is one of the best things you’ll experience as a teacher.”