On the morning of 28 February, we welcomed Parents, Governors and External Examiners, along with our Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth, to the Habs Diploma Extended Research Project celebration.  

The Extended Research Project aims to give all students across Habs Girls and Habs Boys the chance to explore their own interests and passions in an academic format.  

Extended Research Projects are completed in the Lower Sixth, with the top projects marked by external experts in their chosen field.  

The event celebrated the 15 best projects in the faculties of Creatives, STEM and , Humanities and Social Sciences and Creatives. During the ceremony, the winners of each faculty presented their fascinating pieces.  

The Creatives faculty presented The Artist Parable. STEM students asked ‘Is carbon mineralisation the key to tackling climate change?’ Humanities and Social Sciences, meanwhile, shared their project,Reflections on a wine-dark sea; investigating ancient colour perception. 

The event was a wonderful celebration of our Upper Sixth students, giving them a chance to reflect on the skills the Habs Diploma has given them. It also serves as a rallying call to their Lower Sixth counterparts to embrace the opportunity, one that will see them delve beyond the constraints of their A Level courses and pursue research in their chosen field. 

We look forward to June and to seeing what fascinating research the Lower Sixth will produce. 

You can read all the projects below