Habs Girls was excited to welcome Old Haberdasher, Daniel Black, to speak as part of the Visiting Speaker programme at Elstree Schools.

Daniel studied at Habs until 2009 before going on to have a highly eclectic and highly successful career in engineering and innovation. Working at Global Innovation and Technology Centre | PA Consulting, Daniel also holds over 16 patents and several world records, including  most powerful handheld laser (prototype) | Guinness World Records. He has supported the Olympic Equestrian team, the Americas Cup team, filed 16 international patents, received a Queen’s Honour for services to Laser Technology and Innovation, created an engineering company that only makes cufflinks and been banned from competing in the UK Robot wars tournament. Daniel spoke about his career to date and how STEM success is mostly achieved through an inquisitive mindset. He is keen to emphasise that STEM pathways need not be traditional.