From Friday 10 to Sunday 12 March, HabsMUN was back at Habs! Over the weekend, students engaged in thoughtful and meaningful discussions, delving into some of the world’s most pressing issues.

The event started with a brilliant opening ceremony, including a flag race – a fantastic display of the flags and countries associated with the UN. The rest of the evening included significant speeches from the Secretary Generals and Head Chairs. Delegates also had the opportunity to listen to a thought-provoking talk from a journalist from the BBC who provided a non-politicised insight into the everyday struggles in Afghanistan for the citizens, leading up to and after the Taliban takeover.

Saturday saw the beginnings of the discussions and debating. Each committee debated at least five astute and considerate resolutions and each delegate represented their respective country with passion, dedication and integrity. The Chairs were fantastic in their roles, guiding the conference with professionalism and impartiality and ensuring a fair, constructive debate.
This continued through to Sunday, prior to General Assembly, when all the delegations came together to discuss the best resolutions from each committee. This developed the sense of change; the scale of the meeting helped settle the importance and impact of the hard work that had prevailed over the weekend.
The conference was brought to an end by the closing ceremony. Prizes were distributed to the most distinguished delegates, which was an incredibly difficult task when the event had so many deserving individuals.
Well done to all those involved with making the weekend a success!