Upper Sixth students Aparna (U6 TD), Sienna (U6 IC), Avi (U6J2) and Raahan (U6H1), represented the UK at the Bulgarian European Youth Parliament (EYP) session in Plovdiv over Easter, following their win at the National Session in Liverpool last September. The EYP Bulgaria is an independent association that organises various debating events. It is part of a Europe-wide network, present in about 40 countries that organise more than 500 events, every year, for up to 35,000 students. It aims at raising awareness concerning European issues, whilst encouraging active European citizens and motivating students to become politically engaged.

The students outstanding contributions earned praise from peers and encouraged cross-cultural exchange with students from Bulgaria, Norway, and Slovenia. Their discussions ranged from the protection of indigenous rights to tackling youth unemployment and examining the consequences of increasing entrepreneurship in the contemporary workplace. Throughout the sessions, Sienna, Aparna, Avi and Raahan, showcased fantastic dedication and creativity, earning rave reviews for their contributions to committee work and resolution debates.

Aparna and Raahan will continue their involvement at the ‘Harbour of Innovation’ in Greece at the next international session in July, promising further opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and spirited debate with students across Europe.

The participation of Sienna, Aparna, Avi and Raahan, in the Bulgarian EYP session not only reflects their academic success but also shows their commitment to global citizenship and adopting a solution driven approach. Their journey shows true values of leadership, collaboration and curiosity. Congratulations to the team!