Amelia (L6 EJ) and Gemma (L6 CAP) took part in the Joutes Oratoires, a French debating competition at Royal Grammar School in High Wycombe. 

Gemma, for one, loved the experience. As she explained, ‘We competed against a variety of very strong schools such as Highgate, Wycombe Abbey, RGS and Habs Boys’ School. We debated extremely interesting and academically stimulating motions – for instance debating for and against the motion “Les jeux vidéos ont un impact négatif sur la santé mentale des jeunes.” 


‘Video games are bad for the mental health of teenagers’, continued Gemma. ‘Even though we didn’t win this time, it was an incredible experience, and I feel it largely improved our levels of French, as well as our debating skills. It was also super-enjoyable and I would love the opportunity to take part in it again if I could!’