The UK Space Design Competition consists of multiple ‘companies’ (teams) who are given a brief to design a detailed space settlement, set years into the future. Our team was divided into four main sections: Structural, Operations, Human and Automation, each displaying a huge relevance across a wide range of academic subjects. By working efficiently as a united team and considering how to distribute roles for each person to complete based on their abilities and strengths, we progressed past the Regional round in December of 2021, meaning we had successfully qualified through to Nationals.

As part of a larger six schools’ team and over a 24-hour period, the National round had the requirements of constant research in order to make informed decisions about the settlement and create a comprehensive PowerPoint to present to a panel of judges.  The competition brought together a diverse group of communication, leadership, problem solving and technical skills, and after intense work and collaboration, the results were a well-thought-out presentation, and therefore an overall national win for our team!

Written by Anuva Shah and Shyan Shah L6