Two joint teams of Year 12 students from Habs Boys and Habs Girls took part on Friday 4 March 2022 in the South East and London Regional Forum of the European Youth Parliament at St Pauls’ School in Barnes. Our delegates were Aditya L6C1, Anant L6J2, Anjali L6ADL, Arjun L6H2, Betsey L6RDD, Claudia L6GAM, Evie L6GAM, Helena L6LC, Ishaani L6TD, Jesse L6R1, Josh L6S2, Joystna L6SP, Maddie L6LC, Molie L6ADL, Max L6H2 and Rohan L6R1.

After eight debates on a wide range of European issues including stolen artefacts, fast fashion and energy policy, the judges announced their verdict. Both our teams were commended for their teamwork, the strong quality of their research and their public-speaking skills. One of the teams (ITRE) was declared as co-winners and will be invited to take part in the Summer EYPUK National Forum in Liverpool taking place in June and July.

The students found this a very informative and useful day, acquiring new skills and having fun working in teams. We would like to thank the organisers who arranged this event as well as the volunteers who chaired the debates.