Before half term, the politics society congregated to listen to multiple speakers on their involvements in student activism.

To start off this series of talks we had two Boys’ School students from Year 12, Aniruddh and Dylan, discuss their podcast The Student Inbox in which they aim to students a platform to discuss whatever topics they may be interested in. Therefore, the podcast occasionally touches upon political issues that could be important to students across the UK such as whether reform to the system of education in the nation is needed.

As an ambassador for the student-led activist group Burst the Bubble, Avatel – a student in the upper sixth – shared her inspiring experiences of campaigning with Burst the Bubble to help raise awareness for the mistreatment of Uighur Muslims in China. Burst the bubble is particularly impressive since it is entirely run by students under the age of 18 and works with numerous established charities to raise awareness and campaign for a variety of different issues.

Gavriella, a team member of Burst the Bubble, also discussed her experience with organisation and how she rose through the ranks of the organisation rapidly within a year. She touched upon her involvement with a campaign to spread awareness for the Myanmar genocide along with her recent and ongoing leadership of a campaign against homelessness partnered with the charity CRISIS.

The series of talks were incredibly informative and inspiring for students looking to get into student activism, especially considering the youth-lead initiative of both The Student Inbox and Burst the Bubble.