On Monday 21 March we welcomed Jason Gordon (OH) who is the lead partner for private sector clients in Deloitte’s Strategy, Analytics and M&A business. Jason gave a series of talks to DT and Computer Science students from Habs Boys’ and Habs Girls’ Schools. 

As the Lead Client Service Partner for McLaren, Jason leads Deloitte’s alliance with McLaren Racing where he and the Deloitte team help McLaren make the car go faster and take thinking, methodologies, and technologies from F1 and apply them to business problems outside of motorsport such as advising air traffic controllers how to decrease delays and carbon emissions in half the world’s airspace or simulating and optimising the operations of one of the biggest container ports in the world. 

Jason was accompanied by Ronan Bradley, Charlen Hughes and Suresh Kanwar. Ronan has over 16 years’ experience working in Formula 1 racing teams and has come to Deloitte as a manager of simulations. 

Charlen is the senior specialist in events management at McLaren Racing. She was able to answer all the McLaren specific questions and give guidance on career routes. Suresh, a senior Partner at Deloitte, joined Jason in the talks and encouraged students, making sure everyone was included and provided some highly coveted Deloitte McLaren merchandise!

The students from the Boys’ and Girls’ Schools were enthralled and entertained by Jason’s insights, knowledge, and humour throughout the day. He was so generous with his time and energy during and after each session, making sure he got to speak to everyone that had a question. 

We hope to continue to arrange inspiring talks to benefit the students in the coming years.