The Pre-Prep, Prep and Lower School were honoured to welcome Lance Corporal Derek Derenalagi who talked to pupils about his remarkable story.

During his time in the military in Afghanistan Derek was in a tragic bomb explosion, leaving him paraplegic. After his recovery, Derek became a para-athlete, where he won Gold in the European Para Athletics and represented Great Britain in the 2012 Paralympics, participating in discus and shotput.

The staff as well as the pupils were truly inspired and moved by his bravery, courage, and his great belief in hope. His positive outlook on life despite the daily challenges he faces left his audience all feeling extremely humble and in admiration of this remarkable role model.

One Prep pupil said: “It really touched me how strong a person’s heart and soul can be if you never give up and it’s amazing what you can achieve with  pure commitment and never giving up, and so when I’m having trouble, I’ll think of Derek and his commitment to his life and never giving up and I can push through anything no matter how tough.”

Another commented: “Although I may never face what he faced I still can take his advice to never give up. To hear this from someone who faced this makes this stay in my mind forever. He knew the challenges of being at Afghanistan, yet he continued pushing and aiming to be the best.”