Habs International Relations and Economics Society was privileged to have Lord Alfred Dubs speak to us on a number of issues affecting the Britain and the World.

Given his role in promulgating the Dubs amendment on child refugees and as a child refugee himself who came to the UK in the Kindertransport escaping the Nazis it was fascinating to hear his thoughts on issues regarding human rights and migration in particular.

As a former MP (Labour, Battersea) and now active Peer in the House of Lords it was interesting to get his insights on the role of Government and Parliament in tackling human rights abuses and the importance of principle in international affairs, particularly as the UK seeks to define its role outside the European Union.

Lord Dubs was also kind enough to answer a number of questions put by members of the International Relations and Economics Society and the school community across a range of topics. Lord Dubs gave his insights on the politics of migration in the UK and how it influenced Brexit and continues to have an impact on policy in the UK today.

He also gave his views on how to tackle human rights abuses around the world and the importance of moral leadership in this area for the UK, especially in working with international partners and organisations with particular reference to China’s Uighur population as well as a host of other issues.

We are immensely grateful to Lord Dubs for speaking to us and for his unique insights and perspectives on these issues.