The School was delighted to welcome artist James Lake who recently ran a workshop for our Year 9 Fine Art class. The students were fascinated by James’ techniques and were completely absorbed in the workshop.

The day began with an introduction from James, and then a quick look at some of his incredible sculptures. The pupils began by creating a carboard base for the portrait relying on their prior knowledge of facial proportions to assist them. Following this each pupil built up the form, creating layered and textured areas of cardboard on the surface.


Esala said: “I learnt lots of useful skills for creating 3D sculptured from materials I haven’t used before. The best bit was learning how to use the glue gun, it changed everything!”

Rafi commented: “The workshop was particularly interesting due to it allowing us to express ourselves in a number of new ways. My favourite part was creating the details in the facial features.”

Miles added: “I asked James why he used cardboard he said it’s because it can be moved, shaped and folded beautifully. I liked how his work was personal and the sculpture of his son.”

Darshan said: “Really interesting to try something new today. It was challenging because of the many processes involved.”

A fast paced, productive and exciting day was had by all.