On 28 February, Lower Sixth psychology students visited the Clink Prison museum and Freud museum, Freud’s final home for the last year of his life.

Their session at the Freud museum consisted of an ‘Introduction to Freud’ talk, where they learned about his controversial ideas and contribution to Psychology, general facts about his life and the opportunity to explore the house and complete a fact-finding quiz about Freud. “We learnt about how his ideas play a somewhat significant role in the real world today, such as methods of free association and talking therapy which proves useful for people struggling with their mental health.” Said Simi (L6 Aleph)

The students learnt about Freud’s family, and his daughter, Anna Freud who was the founder of child psychoanalysis. Followed by a visit to the Clink Prison museum, which allowed pupils to understand more about how prisoners were dealt with. Jess (L6 RL) reflected on previous learnings “It led us to apply Psychology to the prison’s methodology, as we were able to imply that these methods were not particularly great for prisoners if guards wanted obedience, which stems from the Social Influence topic we had all previously studied. It also links to forensic Psychology, where we explore the differences between punishing versus rehabilitating prisons.”

Psychology Trip to the Freud and Clink prison museums