On 8 December 2022, Year 12 Spanish students had the opportunity of seeing an original work based on a theatre piece by the celebrated playwright Federico García Lorca.

This was unusual in that students of A Level Spanish would normally see the play they study such as the tragic drama La Casa de Bernarda Alba however this was a chance to understand Lorca as a dramatist who worked with puppet theatre and who brought humour and eccentricity into his work entitled Retabillo de Don Cristobal. It was first performed in Madrid in 1935 but was performed at the Cervantes Theatre in London in December by the theatre company Nao d’Amores.

Though a little challenging to follow all the puppet voices, costume and character changes, songs and farcical antics, our Year 13 students found that they managed well with the language and were highly entertained! It was a step on their journey to a deeper understanding of Lorca the poet and dramatist and one they are unlikely to forget!

One of our students, Zack, was interviewed for the press agency France24 and Habs was mentioned. Zack was quoted as saying: I think it’s a nice way to look at the language. I’ve seen films in Spanish but this is the first play and you have to focus on the words and they speak very fast. We will be studying Lorca’s plays next year but this is a good way to get started.”

The full article can be read at Loco for Lorca: UK theatre fuels passion for Spanish (france24.com)

This was the first joint trip since students across both schools have joined together to study Spanish and we hope it is the first of many!