The School is thrilled to present ‘This Unknown Plain’, a short film made in collaboration between two of our most talented creators, Joe and Felix. This project brings together music and film, speaking of art’s ability to connect and unite us, even when we find ourselves physically apart. 

Felix and Joe offer their insights on the process: 

“The result of a series of artistic reactions, ‘This Unknown Plain’ is representative of an interaction of ideas, and, in drawing from a broad bank of points of reference, of which the majority were things we had found and enjoyed throughout the lockdown, is in a sense a culmination of our individual and joint experiences.” – Felix

“This project began in lockdown with Felix and I wanting to put together some music with video. There was no real main focus, but we began bouncing different ideas off each other and sitting on Zoom watching cool videos together (it was a great laugh). After a couple of weeks establishing the direction of the film, we each worked on some different ideas, sending them back and forth, reacting to each other’s ideas. With a few ideas established, I already knew for the music that it would be more about creating a feeling and a sense of place than a song. As a result, there were a few edits of the music which were more rigid and more of a ‘song’, but in the end we felt that what ultimately worked best with the video was something freer and more open to interpretation. It was a lot of fun working with Felix and reacting to someone else’s work – hopefully this is only the beginning!” – Joe