As Covid restrictions have eased, it has been a wonderful to organise once more events in our calendar that were impossible to arrange at the height of the pandemic. The History department was delighted on Tuesday 10 May to host the annual Year 7 Family History for the first time since 2017. 

Every student in Year 7, as part of their study of History, has been researching an aspect of their own family History, has been conducting an interview with a relative and has put together a display to capture an interesting memory recalled by their interviewee. 

We hosted an exhibition in the Bourne Hall alongside a tea for over 250 Year 7 pupils, interviewees, parents and grandparents, as well as teachers and support staff. It was special occasion that gave a chance for all of us present, not just to read the projects, but to celebrate the diversity of the Habs community, as well as poignant events in the family histories of our Year 7 students. 

We are delighted to see so many of the Year 7 group developing a love of the past and we look forward to them developing this curiosity further during their future studies with us.