47 boys in the Year 9 Drama groups spent time working on their productions of the opening scene of Macbeth as performers, sound designers and lighting designers. They developed clear aims and then made precise theatrical choices in order to convey their intended mood and meaning to an audience.

The Year 9 socially-distanced audiences were treated to inventive and varied interpretations. We moved from damp caves and windswept cliffs to a church, and from a train station and an overground platform to a hospital. The witches were presented as time-travellers, nuns, teenagers, commuters and voices inside someone’s head.

Congratulations to all the Year 9 Drama students who took part with such creativity and commitment. A big thank you to Mr Hammond for guiding and inspiring the designers. A special ‘thank you’ to all the boys who watched so attentively and contributed such thoughtful, insightful questions and comments in the discussions afterwards. It was very special to share live theatre performances in such difficult circumstances!