On Tuesday 2 March, Year 12 students had the opportunity to meet six Old Haberdashers to learn about their experiences of applying for university.  We welcomed the following boys to the call:

  • Ronit Anand – Social Anthropology at London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London
  • Ed Fage – Economics and Management at University of Oxford
  • Jasper Federman – Theology, Religion, and Philosophy of Religion at University of Cambridge
  • Sam Grankin – History and Politics at University of Cambridge
  • Rohan Thandi – Combined Honours in Social Sciences at Durham University
  • Ashley Turner – Economics and Management at University of Oxford

The 2020 OHs spoke candidly about their experiences of applying to university and how they decided what they wanted to study. Jasper and Rohan both urged the Year 12s to spend time researching the subtle differences between the courses. Ashley discussed the importance of developing as a thinker, explaining how he likes to ask himself why things happen in certain ways.

Sam explained a little about the Oxbridge interview process, highlighting the fact that he is now taught by the academics who interviewed him. These academics are good at identifying who will enjoy the ‘intense academic experience’ offered at Oxbridge.

Ronit’s mantra was that the Year 12s needed to develop a sensibility for their subject. He used his time in the Sixth Form to think like an anthropologist, picking the brains of experts and deciding what he wanted to gain from a university experience.

Ever the mathematician, Ed reminded the Year 12s that they were likely to spend in excess of 2,700 hours studying their chosen degree subject  and that it made sense to spend time researching possible degrees.

It was a fantastic event and the School would like to thank the OHs for their support. We wish them well in their return to university.