The School is delighted to share the results of the 2021 British Physics Olympiad, the Senior Physics Challenge. This year’s competition consisted of two 30 minute multiple choice papers that were administered online on Friday 5 March. Out of 40 Habs entries, the results were: 

  • 13 Gold
  • 19 Silver
  • 8 Bronze

The multiple choice format differed from the standard paper format, which emphasis problem-solving skills. In a report sent back to the School, it was stated: 

“This multiple choice competition looks for quick thinking and fluency in a range of small topic areas questioned. There are a number of puzzle-like questions which require the students to do small manipulations and at speed. There were 40 question in an hour, and this would have been a challenge.” 

In acknowledgement of that, those who participated have done extremely well! Congratulations to all those involved.