The A Level Drama students completed their final practical exam in May: a performance of two scenes from Sam Shephard’s True West. The play, set in California in 1980, was described by the New York Times as “an exploration of vulnerability, savagery and male angst”, explores the rivalry between two estranged brothers. 

Students must apply the ideas of an influential theatre practitioner to their rehearsal process and Om, Manish, Kyle and Demi chose the director, Katie Mitchell, renowned for her forensic study of the text and a system of practical tools which enable actors “to slip inside the skin of a character and enact credible emotions, thoughts and actions” and to “fully imagine and inhabit the world of the play”.

We wish Om, Manish, Kyle and Demi luck in their forthcoming A Level exams and thank them for their many amazing performances at HABS over the past seven years.