Over the past three weeks, every Year 11 student has had the opportunity to get a taste of what Sixth Form study and life is like ahead of September. Every student has experienced a sample of their A level timetable, completed Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), heard from a range of wellbeing and academic speakers, and attended careers workshops to broaden their horizons. 








On Friday 18 June, for the first time, students from both Habs Boys and Habs Girls worked together as they shared their subject passions and reflected on the skills needed to thrive academically and make the most of all the opportunities for scholarship in the Sixth Form. On Friday 25 June, students were inspired by the engaging Old Haberdasher speaker Simon Duffy, and then they chose two diverse career workshops to attend; workshop topics covered Medicine and healthcare, to sustainable finance, to how to present yourself at interview. 









With over 90% of the year group saying that they enjoyed the Bridge programme and that it helped them finalise their subject choices, we believe that the Bridge programme has helped many boys feel more confident as they look ahead to September, so that they are able to make a smooth transition and fulfil their potential. 

What has been the best thing about the Bridge programme? 

“It has given me a better insight into what the A Level courses will be about and how life in the Sixth Form works in terms of more freedom to work independently and explore deeper questions.” – Dhruv (11C1) 

“It was helpful to start more challenging work and getting an insight into what A Level study will be like” – Amay (11S2) 

“It has been a great experience to get a taste of the A Level timetable, as well as to truly get an understanding of the type of lessons we will experience in the Sixth Form. I have also enjoyed this process, because in each of my subjects there has been an opportunity to develop my scholarship” – Yash (11R2). 

“I enjoyed learning about new subjects, such as Economics.” – Kai (11J2).