We are delighted to announce that the School has been awarded the UNICEF UK OutRight 2020/21 Certificate!

OutRight is a campaign for children that helps them and young people understand their own rights, assisting them in speaking out in support of children’s rights, as well as in promoting those rights around the world.

The Student Council worked towards achieving this certificate through promoting World Children’s Day in November 2020, producing a short video for this, and sharing information and resources on children’s rights with the School community.

The video educated pupils about some of the important rights they have, protected by international laws, such as the right to education and the right to be free from discrimination. It encouraged students to stand up for these rights and to become more engaged citizens, as well as not to take for granted all the opportunities they have, as there are many children of the same age around the world, in less developed countries, who aren’t afforded these basic rights.

OutRight’s focus this year was children’s rights and climate change, building upon the School’s achievement of the Green Flag Award, intertwining the Student Council’s commitments to improving the physical environment at Habs, in addition to increasing social awareness of environmental issues through the new Habs Environment Committee.

By Aryan (L6J1) and Jatin (L6S2)