We are delighted to announce the appointment of Mr Robert Sykes as the next Head of Habs Boys’ School.

Mr Robert Sykes is currently Deputy Head Academic at Habs Boys and has made a significant contribution to the school since his arrival in 2020; whether it be the restructure of the school day and curriculum review, establishing and delivering Nexus and the Habs Diploma, a very successful ISI inspection, or embedding the key principles of excellence and inclusion in our teaching. 

From September, the Executive Principal will drive the strategic leadership of both schools and project the institution on various national fora, allowing the Boys’ School Head to focus upon addressing the operational priorities of the Boys’ School, ensuring the culture and strategy to which we are committed across the Elstree Schools are implemented effectively and to the advantage of all students.

We are thrilled to be promoting Robert and look forward to welcoming him in his new role. We are also pleased to announce Dr Hazel Bagworth-Mann as the next Head of Habs Girls’ School. Mr Robert Sykes and Dr Hazel Bagworth-Mann will report to Mr Gus Lock and will take up the Head role at Elstree on 1 September 2023.