The School witnessed the first events in the Inter House science competition, which provided the opportunity for pupils to stretch their knowledge and skills in different scientific areas. There was a wonderful buzz about all these events, with pupils keen to get involved for their houses and to enjoy themselves in broad scientific endeavours.

Years 7 and 8 participated in three-round quiz, hosted remotely by the Year 12 members of the Science Society Committee (Samzi (L6S1), Sajeev (L6M1), Lucas (L6H1) and Samuel (L6M2)), with Meadows clinching the top spot for both year groups.

The hotly anticipated Year 12 “titrate-off” took place after school. This event tested the problem solving, practical and analytic skills of the pupils, who had to accurately determine the concentration of an acid using volumetric analysis. There were of course some twists to the usual procedures, so a steady nerve and hand was required! At the end it was incredibly tight, and with differences so marginal a draw was called between Strouts and Calverts. It was fantastic to see such determination and commitment by the titrators, who fully engaged with the spirit of the event.








At present, Strouts are heading up the overall leader board, closely followed by Meadows and Calverts. The competition with resume in a couple of weeks, with Year 9 teams engaging with a biology based quiz of “What is that thing?” While Year 10 students participate in a physics problem solving challenge.

The School would like to thank the Science Society Committee who got the competition up and running, but also to Mr Teague for hosting the Year 8 quiz along with Mrs Patel and Mrs Dawda who did the preparation work for the Year 12 event.